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An Interview with Two Top Pet Groomers in Nigeria

Posted on 6 m read 169 views
If I didn’t have any respect for dog groomers before, I do now. In 2015, I was privileged to groom a couple of dogs. One in particular tested the limit of my patience. I talk about my experience here.

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5 Important Things to do Immediately after a Dog Bite

Posted on 2 m read 126 views

Sometime in early 2015, I was bitten by a dog. It was my first (and hopefully my last, lol) dog bite. Thankfully, I knew what to do immediately after a dog bite and that made ALL the difference! The link …

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What are the Best Dog Breeds for kids?

Posted on 4 m read 275 views

A few weeks ago, a lady reached out to me. She wanted to get her kids a dog for Christmas and had a few questions. I get asked these a lot of  times, so I decided to turn my response …

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Vet Professional: Dr. Ekundayo S. Samuel Talks about His Work with Cancer

Posted on 6 m read 882 views

Ten years ago, if I had been asked how many people I knew personally that died from cancer, I probably would have said one. The case is very much different today. The rate at which cancer rears its ugly head

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How To Succeed As A Vet During NYSC

Posted on 8 m read 343 views

I was sorely tempted to title this post, “How to make a N100,000 during NYSC” but that would have been a click-bait title. Although in all fairness that’s majorly what this post is about.

I’m aware that there …

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