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HULK: How I became the Biggest Pit Bull in the World!

Posted on 14 m read 26.3K views

To most breeders, Hulk needs no introduction. He is the world’s biggest American Pit Bull Terrier weighing a staggering 180Ibs (81.6kg)! For perspective, an average male pit bull weighs between 35-60Ibs (15.8-27.2kg). It is no wonder then, that Hulk commands

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What are the Best Dog Breeds for kids?

Posted on 4 m read 139 views

A few weeks ago, a lady reached out to me. She wanted to get her kids a dog for Christmas and had a few questions. I get asked these a lot of  times, so I decided to turn my response …

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Vet Professional: Dr. Ekundayo S. Samuel Talks about His Work with Cancer

Posted on 6 m read 720 views

Ten years ago, if I had been asked how many people I knew personally that died from cancer, I probably would have said one. The case is very much different today. The rate at which cancer rears its ugly head

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How To Succeed As A Vet During NYSC

Posted on 8 m read 223 views

I was sorely tempted to title this post, “How to make a N100,000 during NYSC” but that would have been a click-bait title. Although in all fairness that’s majorly what this post is about.

I’m aware that there …

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While I Was Away…

Posted on 3 m read 151 views

I guess the best way to start this post will be to apologize for such a long break in-between posts. My only excuse is that well, life happens (like my laptop crashing at the worse possible time) and sometimes, we

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4 Vets Share Their Opinion About Hindlimbs’ Tying In Pregnant Bitches

Posted on 5 m read 221 views

The first time I saw a pregnant bitch’s hindlimbs tied was during my service year in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. To say I was shocked, was an understatement. All through six years in vet school, I never saw or …

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5 STEPS TO PREVENT PARVOVIRUS (for first-time dog owners)

Posted on 5 m read 558 views

Parvovirus is probably not new to you if you’ve had dogs for a while. It is a most dreaded word in dog owner circles. For a first-time dog owner and newbie, you might be wondering what all the fuss is …

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Dog Chronicles: The Dog with the Red Nose!

Posted on 3 m read 309 views

Have you ever had clients who doubted your ability to deliver right off the bat? That was the case with Jack’s handlers.

Jack came to us on a referral. He had been treated unsuccessfully for weeks before being finally referred …

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Does Your Pet Have a Medical Record?

Posted on 4 m read 167 views

The world is a busy place and Nigeria is no exception. Our “To-Do Lists” are usually filled with various activities we have to carry out, all within 24hrs! So, it’s no surprise that more and more pet owners require veterinary …

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August, It is!

Posted on 2 m read 139 views

The beautiful month of August is here and we are glad!

I’ve resolved to blog on particular days now so that way, I’m more consistent. On that note, I’m glad to announce that “Thursdays are for blogging!”

While that means …

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