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Dog Chronicles: Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye

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Action was an 8-month old Rottweiler. I remember I first met him when he came in for his routine ARV (AntiRabies Vaccination) at 3 months. He was an active little pup who hadn’t begun to show the aggressiveness that Rotts are usually known for. So imagine my surprise when he came in a few months later with a tumour on his right hind limb.

Action lying on the ground with a big tumour on his right hindlimb

Seeing Action a few months later with the tumour on his right hindlimb

It was obvious to all that he was in so much pain yet he still had a cheerful disposition.

Unfortunately, tests carried out revealed that the tumour was malignant and his human opted to have him put to sleep.

A close-up picture of the tumour

The Malignant Tumour

I will never forget that day. It was the 31st of December, 2015. You see, Action was the first dog I euthanized and even though it was painless and quick, I cried and his handler cried as well.

Action on the examination table

The last picture i took just before putting Action to sleep

I will never forget.

Action you are fondly missed.

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