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Dog Chronicles: The story of the three-legged dog

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Colonel, a 1 year old male Rottweiler came to us on 12/12/15. He had been severely wounded/bitten in a dog attack from 2 other dogs.

Colonel on an examination table after being presented to the clinic

Colonel: a few days after his admission. Muzzled here because of his aggressive nature.

To make matters worse, he wasn’t presented to the clinic until about a week afterwards by which time, the wound on his left hind limb was infested by maggots.

A close up picture of Colonel's wounded limb

The wounded limb

Colonel stayed with us for more than 3months. We battled to save the limb,  unfortunately necrosis had set in and Colonel eventually lost a part of the limb.

The limb after amputation

The affected limb: the paw fell off after necrosis set in.

Colonel is one of the top 10 agressive dogs I’ve ever met. He had previously bitten a staff member and almost bit my boss too. He was definitely a challenge.

Colonel's limb healing nicely

Wound healing

After a month and a half of daily dressing, feeding, love and care however, we became friends, more like pals. If he felt anyone was a threat to me, that person was dead meat. With his three legs, he will wobble to the front of his kernel and bark so much and so loud like the gates of hell were falling on him.  Oh Colonel!

DrGbaksthevet holding  Colonel on a leash with his three legs

On all threes!

Did I mention that Colonel could sleep for Africa? In the most awkward position? He would sleep on his dorsum(back), his head twisted towards the floor and his legs raised high in the air and just lie still.The first time he pulled that stunt on me,  I was so scared, I thought he was dead.I jangled his kernel door and screamed his name, only for him to lazily turn his head and look at me like, “What’s the problem ma’am?” I laughed in relief. Yes, only Colonel!

DrGbaksthevet patting Colonel

My best friend

Colonel never gave up not in the face of seemingly endless antibiotic injections and pain. He endured. I loved watching his healing,  it was truly transformative.
I love you, Colonel.

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