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The Most Unconventional Dog Names Ever!

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There are some dogs I simply can’t forget majorly because of the names they bear.

A. Some bear names from the world of movies/series:

1.  One such dog was a female Caucasian named Khaleesi! I remember asking her human what the name meant; he in turn asked if I had seen GOT {Game of Thrones}. At the time, I hadn’t.

Unconventional Dog Name: A picture of Khaleesi from the TV series Game of Thrones

Khaleesi from Game of Thrones [GOT]

2.  A male Boerboel called Spartacus! Every time he entered the clinic, everyone will chorus- “Spartacus!” That always made the other clients pause and turn.

B. Some are named after stars and celebrities:
1. I once treated a Lhasa Apso named Timaya.

2. There’s the man that got arrested for calling his dog, Buhari.

3. And then the lazy Rottweiler named Pablo after the telemundo series and notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

C. Still other dogs are named after soccer stars or clubs:
1.  Rooney– the Caucasian/Alsatian dog that I once examined after she whelped 9 puppies.

Unconventional Dog Names: A picture of Wayne Rooney Manchester United's football  striker

Wayne Rooney- Soccer star

2.  Torres– the Nigerian local hunter dog that was heavily infested with fleas.

3. The Rottweiler that I travelled all the way to Kolo, Ogbia Town in Bayelsa State to treat called Swansea. I remember asking his human to spell the name since I didn’t hear him clearly and he replied,  “haven’t you heard of Swansea City?”

D. Some dogs are named based on how they are expected to function.
I once had a client who named her 3 Caucasian dogs- Thunder; No Friend; and Striker because she previously experienced armed robbers attacking her home. No Friend was particularly renown for biting strangers who entered the house unaccompanied.

E. Other dogs are named after Time and Seasons:
1. I once treated a dog named Midnight.  I talked about him here.

2. I have had the pleasure of interacting with several, Snows and Snowbell.

Unconventional Dog Names: A picture of a Labrador out in the snow

A dog out in the Snow

F. Other names are all by themselves scary:

1. I routinely attended to a dog named Undertaker all through my service year.

2. Cougar also.

G. While Food plays a huge role in some dogs’names.

I know a man who bought a Lhasa for his young daughter who had been pestering him for a dog. The daughter named the dog after her favourite meal, Indomie.

Unconventional Dog Names: A picture showing indomie- a type of noodle eaten by Nigerians

Indomie {A branded noodle eaten in Nigeria}

H. Finally, the most unconventional name of all:A dignified client once brought a dog to us. While registering this Rottie, I asked what his name was and was told, ” Max Dobrey“.  A little while afterwards I asked what his human’s name was and his human replied, ” Max Dobrey” . I was a little confused and repeated my first question, my client replied in the affirmative: the dog was really Max Dobrey. He noticed my confusion and stated that the dog was his son and therefore deserved to have his surname just  like his biological children would.

He always referred to Max D. {The dog} as boy. “Come to daddy, boy” he would say and Max Dobrey would go bounding over into Mr. Max Dobrey’s arms.

I was floored!

What are some of the unconventional dog names you’ve heard or the ones you named your dog?

Do share!

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  • Bea
    May 16, 2017

    Stumbled across your blog recently.
    Have two dogs Boerbel-GSD mixes named Mars (after the chocolate) and Tammy. Tammy would have been called Bounty or Twix if i’d had my way (yes, I love chocolates) but my sisters adamantly refused despite the fact the dogs are mine, hahaha!

    • DrGbaks
      May 16, 2017

      Lol! And I thought I had heard it all!😂😆😄😅
      I’m sending my love to Mars and Tammy ( Would-have-been-called-Twix-but… ). And thanks for checking out the blog. Grateful much! Do stick around.

  • Madam YHP
    June 29, 2017

    Dr G….
    I’ve been on your blog for hours.
    You write so well!
    My dog will probably be named YHP after my baby 😂

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