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Dog Chronicles: A Close Shave with Don

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Sometime in 2015, a regular client of ours asked us to help him select a puppy from a breeder. The two dogs presented to us were Caucasian-Mix breed. My boss and I had a look at both dogs and selected one.

A picture of Dog Chronicles' Don lying down


Afterwards, I called our client to ask what he would like to name his new pup so I could register him appropriately. I was not prepared for his reply.

He said, “No, no, no, I don’t name my dogs.”  What?!

“Sir, a dog has to have a name,” I told him. “They are social creatures, they need a form of identification”.

I then proceeded to inform him that I was going to name the puppy and he told me that he didn’t care either ways. I named him DON.

Don came for his routine vaccinations and deworming as at when due and we bonded. Some months down the line, Don’s human asked me to go to his house (home service) to routinely deworm his dogs. When I got there, his gatekeeper asked me to wait outside while he went to lock up the dogs in their kennels. I tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary as I knew the dogs but he insisted saying that their most aggressive dog was outside as well and once the said dog saw me, he would pounce. The client’s teenage children also corroborated the story begging me to stay outside for my own good. So i stayed. Finally, I was asked to come in. I did and started treating the dogs.

A picture of Dog Chronicles' Don lying downThe dogs having sensed that someone had come in started barking ferociously. Then out of the blues, a dog started running towards me. The kids screamed. It was the most aggressive dog. They were scared of him and had taken to their heels when they noticed him running. Apparently, he had let himself loose and was bouncing towards me-the supposed stranger. I noticed him too late as I was busy treating another dog when he escaped from his kennel. I turned when I heard the maguard¹ screaming, “Don, Don, Don!”. Don? He was so big I hadn’t recognized him. But it was too late then, he was so close. Thinking quickly, I stood still and when he got to me, he stopped. He sniffed my hand and looked up at me.I took the opportunity and tentatively patted his head and as he leaned into my hand, he calmed down. Everyone was amazed. Don remembered me.

¹ Maguard- A Nigerian slang for a gatekeeper.

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  • Madam YHP
    June 29, 2017

    What could have happened if you moved?

    • DrGbaks
      June 30, 2017

      If I had moved, the dog would have chased me and most likely attacked me.

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