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Vet Professional: Meet Dr. Effy-The Aquatic and Poultry Expert

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We interview Dr. Olakunle Tiamiyu, a veterinarian in the Fish (Aquatic) and Poultry Medicine sector. He has been in practice for over 4 years and is a lover of sound and video production. He currently works with Animal Care Technical Laboratory, Nigeria.


You are popularly called Dr. Effy/Efficiency by some of your colleagues, how did the name come about? Well…..That was way back in 100 level, 2006 to be precise at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. A classmate of mine, Halimah Balogun observed that I was always ahead with my registration processes at every point in time so she felt I must be very serious and efficient, hence the name.



Dr. Tiamiyu Olakunle {Dr. Effy}


Imaginative life after Vet School Vs Realistic life after Vet School, any difference?

There is a huge difference I must confess. In fact, I thought I would be out of the country after Vet School but unfortunately that plan didn’t materialize. But I think it’s being fair so far, not bad not too rosy as I expected anyways but sincerely God has been faithful. *Smile*


How did you get to work with Animal Care?

*Chuckles* It was just divine. Immediately after Vet School in 2012, I felt I needed to add value to myself. Of course, I knew I didn’t know much practical-wise, so I needed some level of mentoring.

I was discussing with a classmate (Dr Dapo Agbato) at Zik Hall Cafe, UI that day, so we talked about doing something meaningful before going for our NYSC service year. He advised I write an application to Animal Care seeking for an internship.

Few days later, I did just that and I was employed as an intern. I spent exactly 2 months with the Technical Laboratory of the firm before heading for Abia State where I served.

On completing my service, I worked briefly as a Medical Sales Rep with a Pharmaceutical Company. I felt I was not fulfilled so I started throwing applications out. Fortunately for me, there was an opening in the Technical Lab of Animal Care Services Konsult. I applied and I got the job by God’s grace. So that was how I found myself in Animal Care ooo.


How tedious was the recruitment process?

No be small thing. Laughs. It was in three phases. Only two of us where invited for the test. The other candidate is also very much experienced in Vet diagnostic procedures. We wrote the test which is basically theory which was then followed by an interview with a panel of about 5, I think. After that interview, we then had a final interview with the President of the organization. All these stages happened same day, morning till evening. We both did very well and the President decided to employ both of us instead of just one.


What is the most amazing part of your job?

Solving farmers’ problems and helping them make more profit.


Describe a typical day at work.

Well, it depends on the particular day. If I am going on a farm visit, I leave much earlier especially if the farm is far. But on regular days, I basically attend to clients who are mostly farmers. I carry out post mortem, analyze samples presented, I also advise farmers on how to go about such cases and finally I send their results to their mails. That is just the summary actually but it’s more loaded than this.




Dr. Effy carrying out post mortem examination on a bird



Any benefits attached to your job?

Yes, obviously, there are benefits. Official car, *smiles* leave bonus and end of the year bonus, external training opportunities among others.


What does your job entail?

I do the following: Diagnosis of poultry and fish diseases, Treatment of poultry and fish diseases, Feed analysis, Water sample analysis and Veterinary Consultancy services (Extension). That is just the summary of what I do.


Most challenging part of the job.

Having to deal with obstinate clients. It can be really tiring and stressful honestly.


Any mentors in your industry? Who and Why?

My bosses obviously. Drs Olatunde Agbato and Dotun Oladele. Both of them are quite thorough. They are not lazy in anyway and they both live simple lives. They always want more and interested in the success of the agricultural sector of the economy.


What would you say in your own words are the socio-economic relevance of what you do to the society?

I think this is obvious. I am a “Food Vet” so I ensure there is enough food in the land by ensuring farmers produce more eggs, more fishes, more meat at a reasonable cost also preventing loss through diseases management and control. In all, we both win and they make more profit. This way the government also makes money via revenues and jobs are also provided as well.


Photography or Videography?

I’ll go for Videography



Enjoying a live football match at the stadium



3 ways you relax?

Watch football games on TV and at the stadium, Surf the internet and Sleep, *Smiles*


What qualities would you say a Vet in your position needs the most to succeed?

Be a very good observer by paying close attention to details and do not be lazy at all because livestock do not go on holidays.


Most misconstrued notion about the work you do?

Some think I am secretive.


Congratulations, you were recently awarded for your outstanding performance as best staff (technical laboratory) for the year 2016; did that catch you unawares?

Absolutely I was caught unawares because I was not expecting it at all. It does mean a lot to me anyways.



Microscopic analysis




Many Veterinarians struggle to make a good living from their salaries, are you satisfied with yours?

Relative to my immediate environment, I will say YES to some extent.


What 3 words wouldn’t you ever use to describe yourself?

Lazy, fearful and lackadaisical.


If you could choose another career, what would you be?

May be a Professional Footballer.



Office work



We often hear, “ona kan owoja” meaning many roads lead to the market. Do you believe in side hustle?

Yes, absolutely I believe in it. Most rich folks today often do that


If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

A stallion (Male Horse) because of his strength and loyalty.



One of the first things you notice upon meeting Dr. Tiamiyu Olakunle is his smile. So, it comes as no surprise to find him smiling and chuckling through out this interview-it’s his nature! One thing I was reminded of while reading his responses is that we have to take the time to create the life we want. He decided he needed experience and he went ahead to get the knowledge he required. That, is the way forward!

I hope you enjoyed ( + learnt a few things )  reading this interview as much as I enjoyed asking these questions.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to interview you, Dr, Effy. We wish you more success in your career.

Dr. Effy can be contacted via his social media handles.

Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook: @tiamiyukunle69.

Are a veterinary professional and would like to create awareness and enlightenment about the uncommon veterinary sector you work in? Kindly send us a mail at drgbaksthevet@gmail.com . Thank you.








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