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TGIF Reel Animals 🎬: The Wealthiest Pets In The World

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It’s truly remarkable the extent to which some people love their pets. It is no more news to hear that a person left his/her pet some form of inheritance. What might be staggering however, is the immensity of wealth inherited by some pets.

The video below highlights 10 of such cases. This concept still seems foreign to us in Nigeria and more widely, Africa. Personally, I wonder how such pets spend the money. Does life as they know it change drastically after such an exalted honour? Do they go on cruises, attend yatch parties, enjoy luxury hotels or eat to their heart’s content, I often wonder? In a country where some consider dogs as a delicacy, many will find this act barbaric; but it is what it is.

Enjoy the video below and let’s discuss in the comment section: Would you leave a fortune/your inheritance to your pets? What’s your take on this practice?


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