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Dog Chronicles: Bruno, the Unloved Dog

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I returned home one fateful day to meet an urgent message from one of my clients. Apparently, said client had sent “his boy” to my house severally while I was away, all in a bid to inform me that there was an emergency with one of his dogs.
I hurried to his house, which thankfully was nearby only to find out that the youngest dog- Bruno (a puppy of about 11 weeks) had suffered a large injury to his head. I was dismayed!


The bite wound

Let me give a little background story here. This client had six other dogs- three of which were Lhasa Apsos, one an Alsatian, another a Caucasian and finally a Alsatian/local mix. His Caucasian was a really big and aggressive male that was frequently used for stud services. My client preferred to be paid with a puppy (instead of cash) after a successful mating.


The three Lhasa Apsos- Rico, Timaya and Murphy

It so happened that when Bruno was delivered, it turned out he was NOT at all a Caucasian breed. My client felt ripped off but accepted the dog anyway.

The first time I saw Bruno, he was barely 6 weeks. I noticed he hadn’t been properly introduced to the other dogs and as a result he was being bullied and attacked by them. I expressed my concerns to the handlers and the owner but they were still bitter. He wasn’t what they expected. “He was a local dog”, they said.


After suturing

Somehow,  I believed the other dogs sensed this animosity towards Bruno. It was evident in the way they attacked him; oftentimes, he was left alone in a corner looking sad, while the others could almost always be seen playing together. I felt for little Bruno. He was unloved and he knew it.

Fast forward to that fateful day. I found out that one of the older dogs had attacked him as I had feared. I did the best I could and stitched him up. I also cautioned his handlers to keep him indoors for the time being.

When I went for his follow up treatment  the next day, Bruno was dead. His handlers had woken up to find Bruno eviscerated. Oh! How I mourned Bruno! My one regret? I should have adopted him.

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  • Madam YHP
    June 29, 2017

    That’s too sad.
    Poor Bruno.
    How did the payment in puppy thing work? Does he sell the puppy?

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