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10 Top Nigerian Breeders Talk about Building their Reputation (and More!)

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It’s safe to say that the cynophile community is growing larger by the day in Nigeria. {I also regularly get a number of emails requesting guidance in purchasing a new puppy}. Consequently, this means that more Nigerian breeders spring up by the minute. Is this a good thing?  Yes and No.

Yes, in the sense that more demand can be met by increased supply. No, because a lot more goes into breeding than simply mating a stud {male dog} and a bitch {female dog}; and many so called breeders are nothing more than, permit the use of the word, “maters”. As a result poor qualities pups and unbelievable crosses are produced and deceptively sold to the unsuspecting public.

I also happen to know that many dog lovers aspire to become reputable breeders. So, I thought to ask 10 top dog breeders in Nigeria one question:

How did you build your reputation and get your first clients?


1. Skyvision Farms    received_10211502983922410-01-01

Breeds: Boerboels

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Owner: Ipadeola Akinrinade

How did you build your reputation?

Hmmm… I don’t need to say much on this. What I believe is if you are  trustworthy and kind, you have a good reputation. The key is integrity. I do say to people let your yes be yes; your no be no. Honesty brings good reputation; that’s the kind of person I am.

 And your first client(s)?

I can remember one of my friends, Tunde (let me say he’s like a mentor to me), he taught me somethings about breeding and he’s also the person I sold my first puppy to.


2. Household kennel         received_10155258750678200-01-01

Breed(s): German Shepherds; Bull Mastiffs

Location: Aba, Nigeria

Owner: Chukwuemeka Okorie

How did you build your reputation?

It all started with passion for the breed. Looking for a right mentor and being transparent to whomever comes my way in the course of relating with my client. I have this passion for GSD and I am where I am because of this breed.

And your first client(s)?

I got my first buyer via Facebook.


3. His Kennels   IMG-20170504-WA0017-01-01

Breed(s): Rottweiller; Boerboel

Location: Lagos, Nige

Owner: Titi Akeredolu

How did you build your reputation?

We are strong believers of the Word. If a man is diligent with his business, he will sit before kings and princes. We put our best to getting the best and doing things how they should be done and leave the rest for God.

And your first client(s)?

We believe in seeking God’s Kingdom and everything adds up. We made a deal with God to offer everyone who comes to us Jesus and he does as he desires. That’s our story. We don’t advertise. You won’t see any advertising done by us anywhere as far back as the Internet can remember.


4. Daffy Dogs      IMG-20170501-WA0002-01-01

Breed(s): Rottweillers ; Bull Mastiffs

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Owner: Dafe Eghagha

How did you build your reputation?

Building a reputation in anything would mean one of two things… a good one or a bad one.

Building a good reputation is hard because in breeding you never know what you will get. It’s the end results repeated over time that end up with satisfied customers that leads to a positive reputation. So on one hand the quality of puppies you produce and raise properly enhances your reputation greatly.
Another aspect is understanding what a good dog of a particular breed is and knowing how and where to acquire it regardless of costs. This sets breeders apart. While people try to breed up their stock (improve by breeding less quality dogs with better quality specimens), it is often fortuitous at the least. To give people quality of dogs they usually import from top breeders in Europe (locally) is our goal so we seek to get good stock to work with.
Finally having a reputation of being helpful to breeders in need is something we are committed to. So all these put together endears us to a population of dog lovers, breeders and fanciers.

And your first client(s)?

One of the easiest ways to get buyers for your dogs is from walking/showing your dogs and showing responsible (here in Nigeria) handling and comportment when with your dogs. My first customer or buyer over 23yrs ago saw me walking our dog and waited for months until she had a litter.

Building a reputation to last requires a thoughtful plan of executing a lovely vision with integrity and ethics as the cornerstone of our program. This has kept us going over the years. We don’t have so many litters but we pride ourselves with the few we have.


5. Renaissance German Shepherds    

Breed(s): German Shepherds

Location:  Lagos, Nigeria

Owner: Musibau Rufai

How did you build your reputation?

We have strived to meet client expectations in terms of value and quality service, basically by putting the right dogs in the right hands and supporting them through their lives.

And your first client(s)?

A neighbour liked my bitch and expressed a desire to have her pup.



6. Bsquared Kennels    IMG-20170502-WA0002-01-01

Breed(s): Caucasian Shepherd; St. Bernard

Location: Jos, Nigeria

Owner: Babatunde Babajide

How did you build your reputation?

We’d love to say our reputation was built through God’s favour. With the kind of recognition we have. In such a short time. It could only be God. .I’d say built his reputation through God’s given ability to always tell the truth and be as accommodating to all.

And your first client(s)?

My first ever buyer was a breeder here in Jos where I reside. As at then I wasn’t really a breeder. If you ask me I’d say am still working at that though. The next buyer I had was through Facebook but a secondary school mate who just stumbled on my post on puppies I had for sale. After then I gave my father-in-law a dog which he later bought another from me. Now this two people helped in projecting my image through the dogs I sold to them.



7. Calidon Boerboels  received_469810893350049-01-01

Breed(s): Boerboels

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Owner: Ifeanyi Igwe

How did you build your reputation?

There is this say that goes this way….”The way you make your bed is the way you lie on it!” I try as much not to compromise quality. I try as much to set a standard even when it seems difficult, but I’m able to sail through.

I try not to buy cheap dogs…i always go for the best even though it’s pricey. I can buy a Pup from a litter, 2 or 3 times the price of its littermate for the quest of the best. I carefully selected my breeding stock, and when putting them together in breeding, I always marry my breeding drawing board. The breed standard is a very true guide to all my breeding endeavour.

Now when it comes to feeding, i always say this…”The easiest way for me to get High BP is to start checking how much I spend on dogs”…lol. I don’t compromise in feeding.

With all this and many more I will say to a reasonable extent we are able to set type and standard that people have come to admire, then when it comes to trust and transparency we make it our top most priority… Hence the reputation!

And your first client(s)?

They say “Good market sells itself!” The first Boerboel Pup I sold was through a friend who served as a middle man to a client. Though I followed up and made sure that his new home was a very safe one for him.



8. Tox Kennels    IMG-20170507-WA0004-01-01

Breed(s): Caucasian Shepherd; Neopolitan Mastiff

Location: Jos, Nigeria

Owner: Tochukwu Alakwe

How did you build your reputation?

I made sure I was sincere even when I knew I wasn’t benefiting at that point. It paid at the end because most people called me after a year or so, knowing I told them the truth at the expense of me not getting a penny when I was supposed to make some money. It built the trust they had in me- making them to know it was not just about the money.



9. Petlove Kennels    received_1308776269205893-01-01

Breed(s): Caucasian Shepherds; Tiebetan Mastiffs; Black Russian Terriers

Location: Jos, Nigeria

Owner: Segun Olomu

How did you build your reputation?

I have a very long history in the dog industry in Nigeria and many other countries and have built a strong reputation that is based on:

  1. “Nothing, but, the best” attitude when selecting, importing or exporting dogs.
  2. Honesty & integrity in all my dealings.
  3. A very sound knowledge and understanding of the breeds I work with ( standards, cynology, breeding, health requirement etc).
  4. Vast experience gained by my interactions and associations with many world renown breeders, kennel owners, National dog clubs presidents, and many other players in the industry, in many  countries,
  5. Lastly, my personal love for dogs and strive to breed the best , have the best, and give out the best.

And your first client(s)?

Well, I don’t ever keep looking for new owners. The owners find me.



10. Grandiose German Shepherds    IMG-20170504-WA0027-01-01

Breed(s): German Shepherds

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Owner: General Ahmed

How did you build your reputation?

Reputation is a function of people trusting you. I try to get dogs from the finest breeders in Europe. That has been my whole centre of gravity where all my effort lies in the quality of dog I use. All the parents, particularly the males that breed my German shepherds are VA (Vorzuglich Auslese)- Excellent Select, a German term which means “the finest of the finest.”
With this foundation that I have laid, the next thing was to seek knowledge on how to breed. Breeding is not just about putting two dogs together. I have studied all aspects of breeding and I have understood the technicalities involved in breeding. I have a lot of literature, not only from the internet, I buy books because whatever knowledge you get from the internet is limited.


I have invested hugely in books; therefore, I have understood all the key elements of breeding which are in-breeding, line-breeding and other aspects. I have also understood genetics in dogs. Apart from breeding, I have taken pains to learn kennel management and raising of dogs. I read a lot.
One core aspect of my reputation lies in my understanding of Canine nutrition. it is gladdening to say that I make feed for my dogs. I have an extruder and I make pelleted feeds which I don’t sell to anyone. I make for my use alone and this is not a careless work as I have learnt what is called proximate analysis in making of feed. Whatever type of feed I want in this world, I can produce it once I have the analysis.
In my kennels, I have more males than females because it gives me flexibility to manipulate my breeding program. Therefore, each dog bred in my kennel is of international standard, no more, no less! I also export dogs to other countries.
Another core aspect of my reputation is that I don’t sell my dogs just to anyone. I usually appraise the owners I sell dogs to. I like to place my dogs in homes and not into the hands of careless breeders.

And your first client(s)?

I became a breeder by accident. I had two dogs that accidentally mated. One other thing is that dogs sell themselves and I do not need to advertise my dogs for sale.

I always have people lined up to buy my dogs. One of my reputation is that we never breed dogs that we are unable to sell. I never have leftover puppies in my kennels, rather I have problems of who to sell to.


One thing I discovered from interviewing these top breeders, is how extremely busy breeders are! With so many dogs to take care of and many new homes to send some to, it’s no surprise why.

As a result, I’m extremely grateful that they each took out the time to answer my questions and wish them further success in their breeding businesses.

It’s also so easy to notice that there were no female breeders amongst them! (😯😐😦). Female breeders, where you at? 

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    May 15, 2017

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    May 17, 2017

    Hi, really insightful, I need your advice Nd help concerning an issue, please do send Ur email address to talk or message me @bestical97@gmail.com

  • Babatunde Babajide
    June 8, 2017

    I have been going over this article every now and then, just wondering how I made top 10….. Hmmmmm! All I could come up with is…..this could only be God’s doing! Thanks DRGBAKS.

  • Godwin Zibiri
    June 25, 2017

    How can I get a dog from general Ahmed.
    I have been trying to get a dog from him and I have contacted him several times and still waiting.

  • Fater Segun
    July 23, 2017

    Going tru dis article jx gives me more inspirations n encouragemnt. Good wrk sir. Plz, hw cn i reach petluv n tox kennels. Rly wana gonna into breeding n i’ll luv such pple 2mentor n guide n also wana learn frm dem n possibly gt gud dogs most especially caucs frm dem. Tnx alot fr ur assistance

    • DrGbaks
      July 28, 2017

      Hi Fater Segun, thanks for your comment. Both Petlove and Tox Kennels are active on Facebook. Just searched them out and send a mail or get their contacts. All the best with your future breeding program. Oh! One more thing, I’m female.

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