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Dog Chronicles: Grooming Scout- the Aggressive Caucasian!

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One sunny day in November, I received a call from my boss asking me to go treat some dogs for a client I wasn’t familiar with.
On getting there I was introduced to one of the dogs-Scout, one of the most aggressive Caucasians I have ever met.


Scout caught in the act, 2 months afterwards!


With the help of his handler, I was able to deworm and vaccinate him. I discovered though that as a result of his extreme aggression, his fur was overgrown and heavily matted (it was a chore to take him to the vet as only the handler could get close to him). I suggested to his human to have him groomed,  she was ok with my suggestion, if I could figure out a way to take him to the clinic.

A few days later, I arrived at Scout’s domain to get him to the clinic. I had to sedate him first which was an ordeal in itself. His fur was so thick, I wasn’t sure the entire sedative got into his system and that was my biggest fear. I chose to trust my guts though and we waited.  Thankfully, in 15minutes he was tranquilized.


After tranquilization



Off to the car, you go!


Hurriedly, we bundled him into the car and off we went to the clinic.
At the clinic we set to work immediately, snipping off, cutting and shaving. His fur was so badly matted that we had to shave off everything.  At a point, Scout began to rouse, so I gave him another shot of sedatives and we continued. That was the last shot I could give him as any more would have been an overdose. So we had to make quick work of the grooming.


Grooming Scout took over 3 hours



Grooming Scout with a dog clipper



By the time we got to his head, we had spent 3hours. By then, I was the only one left, my colleague and the vet tech had to go attend to another dog. I had to remove the muzzle so as to get a clean cut of his face and muzzle, I was snipping away happily and didnt realize dear Scout was awake, the next thing I heard was a growl and snap of the jaws. Thank God for quick reflexes. I jumped away and called for help. Dear Scout was awake and angry,ready for us!


Grooming Scout’s head moments before the unsuccessful attack



 Haha! He didn’t like his new look but it had to be done



Fortunately, the tranquilizers hadnt worn off completely so he wasn’t back to his full strength. We got him down from the table, took him outside and that marked the end of Scout’s grooming. Thankfully 99% of the fur was off.


Scout’s reaction to me the next time I paid him a visit. His fur grown back under 2 months


Scout was so angry at being conquered that afterwards, I became Scout’s sworn enemy.

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