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10 Things I Hated About Vet School {Part 1}

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Over the past months, I have received many requests to share my vet school experiences. I thought a fun way to do that will be to recount 10 things I hated about Vet school and 10 things I loved about Vet school respectively. This week, we begin with the things I hated.

I should probably start with a disclaimer: these are my experiences and realities; they do not necessarily reflect those of the typical Nigerian vet student. That being said, let’s get into it.


1.  8 AM Classes


I am a night owl. I believe I function best at night. As a result, most nights I am up till very late. So to have classes by 8am almost every single day for 6 years was not something I particularly enjoyed. As you can guess, I was a semi-regular latecomer (shout out to my “class boyfriend” that often kept a seat for me👊). Thankfully, though, I never missed a test!


2. Long Lectures


My usual posture after a class exceeds 1 hour 30 minutes… Haha!

In vet school most classes were at least 2 hours long, I usually found myself dozing off after the first hour and a half. It was always a battle to stay awake. It wasn’t until 600level however, that I faced the reality of my situation. I developed the good habit of staying awake for as long as I could, then sleeping off for the remaining part of the class. Afterwards, I would photocopy the notes of Classmate J ( whose notes were always thorough and up to date; major thumbs up to you dear classmate 👍) . Man cannot come and kill himself jare + no need for pretending, it wasn’t working. The way I saw it, it was better to sleep than to struggle to stay awake and have doodles and scribbles all over my notes.

P.S: Did I mention I was appointed the Secretary of the Class Sleeping Association? My President, I hail you o!  🙌 You know yourself.


3. ShotGuns


 This is how it pretty much was for some of us in Vet School ( well, save the insults and swear words! )

Probably one of the first things we were warned about as new vet school students (in our 2nd year) was THE SHOTGUN EXPERIENCE. “In the vet school context, Shotgun means something done with minimal preparation (impromptu) and with lethal consequences” Thank you Dr. Adekola Adewole for this apt definition.😊

I remember my first shotgun test. It was a beautiful morning, my classmates and I were seated comfortably (or as comfortably as we could get on those high Anatomy class stools), when our lecturer came in and asked us all to go out. For a minute, I wondered why. The reality of the situation dawned on me when I saw my classmates scrabbling to bring out their notes. Most that were prepared were the first to enter the test room while others (like myself) ensured that we were the very last to get in, trying to make the most of the few minutes we had to read ( As if it made any difference ).

I wouldn’t tell you my scores on that test, but safe to say I was properly introduced to Veterinary Medicine that day.

4.  Abattoir Internship


Abattoir Internship with some of my classmates: faces are blurred to protect privacy

All vet students are familiar with the five mini internships we carry out during the course of our study. The worst for me was undoubtedly the Abattoir Internship and so many things made it so. The extremely dirty and unhygienic state of the abattoir would make you think twice about eating red meat ever again!{Besides, making you sick for days}.

It was also an enlightening experience as well. As we saw first hand how understaffed the veterinary surgeons in the abattoirs were to actively carry out their public health duties! Hopefully, our government will look into providing proper, well-developed, well-equipped, adequately-staffed and sanitary abattoir facilities for the safe and wholesome production of food for the nation.


5.  The Result Wait


Vet school results are usually graded in one of two ways- PASS or FAIL. If one passes- congratulations and all is well with the world. If the opposite is the case, then one has to write a resit and could subsequently have to repeat the class.

So, you can imagine the tension one feels anytime lecturers and senate were seating on the results and the results were about to released. This was particularly bad when rumours have been ripe that the result was poor. Prayers to heaven; confessions; Mind-reviewing the exam questions- I got questions 1, 5, 8, 10 and 12 right, that should give me 50% right? ; chatting up favourite lecturers for any inside gist e.t.c. All these and much more and yet the results will be either a PASS or FAIL. How I disliked those times! But thankfully, I passed and I am here to tell the tale.


…To Be Continued

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