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Plan to Attend! The 2017 Nigerian Veterinary Students Convention & Dog Show + 10 FAQs Answered

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The Nigerian Association of Veterinary Medical Students {NAVMS} presents her annual national convention, themed “Promoting The Veterinary Character of Excellence”. The convention will hold from the 3rd -7th of July, 2017 at the Pius Ayim Auditorium, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umuahia.


This convention is unique as many respected veterinary dignitaries from all over the world will be speaking. There also will be a Dog Show with many breeder associations especially from the South Eastern part of Nigeria represented.

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We interviewed Obinna Francis Emeribe, the National president of the NAVMS to get full details of the events and to answer some frequently asked questions {FAQs} about the convention/dog show.


This is a commendable effort by the NAVMS. Is this the first of its kind or is it an annual occurrence?

It is an annual event known as the national convention. But this time we have taken it global, so it’s now an international/national conference.


Mr. Obinna Emeribe, president of NAVMS in babariga with other comrades at the NAVMS Convention in Sokoto, 2016


What’s this year’s theme and what do you hope to achieve?

The theme this year is “Promoting the Veterinary Character of Excellence“. We hope to sensitize the general public on the importance of the veterinarian: the versatility of this noble profession in public health including the importance of economic diversification through non-oil producing sector (livestock farming).


Who is your target audience for this event?

Our targeted audience are the Nigerian students irrespective of departments, colleges/faculties. Also, the Nigerian populace at large.



It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into this, well done. I would like to know about some of your keynote speakers- who are they and why should a veterinary student or a vet (for that matter) be interested in listening to them speak?

Thank you very much. Yes, a lot of work has gone into planning these events and we are grateful to God for the success so far. Our keynote speakers are seasoned and world-recognized veterinary professionals. At the convention, we will have the privilege of hosting the following distinguished professionals:

  • Dr. Faouzi Kechrid, the immediate former President of the World Veterinary Association {WVA} and current President African Veterinary Association {AVA}.
  • Prof Mariella Vitale, the first professor of Veterinary Molecular Biology from University of Silicy, Italy.
  • Prof. Sharubutu (MNI), President, Veterinary Council of Nigeria {VCN}.
  • Prof. M.C.O Ezeibe- the main researcher of Aluniminuim Magnesium Silicate,
  • Dr. O.O. Babalobi, Veterinary Epizootiologist, Consultant/Lecturer/Researcher and Creator, One Health Nigeria e-group
  • Dr. Tunji Nasir, CEO/Medical Director, Truthmiles Animal Hospital, Lagos; Member, World Small Animal Veterinary Association {WSAVA}
  • Dr. Ayoola Oduntan, CEO, Amobyn Nigeria Ltd; National President, Poultry Association of Nigeria, {PAN}.

So, really every Nigerian veterinary student will want to and should be a part of this.


Is this convention-cum -dog show free for vet students or are they required to pay a fee?

The convention is free for veterinarians but NOT free for vet students. Every vet student coming for the convention is expected to pay 1,500 Naira as participation fee. The dog show on the other hand, is free save for a small token of 50 naira per person. This will serve as a gate pass for the event.


What about members of the public interested in the dog show, any fee as well?

The dog show is mainly for members of the public. As a result, we have invited dog breeders from Aba, Umuahia, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Calabar, Jos, Ibadan. Private dog trainers, dog training schools as well were not left out.

All the same, they are expected to pay 1000 Naira as registration fee for each dog participating. Our sponsors will be giving out free pet products such as free Bingo dog food and other paraphernalia (T-shirts, bingo pen and jotters), Trust Dog noodles, etc. We also partnered with a lot of reputable companies to make it a rewarding experience for all. Some of them include Turner Wright, Buy and Sell Dog Nig., Trust Dog, Rovet Pet Shop, Vetcare Pet Shop, Gold Crums Dog Food Port Hacourt e.t.c


Obinna  with other vet students at the AVMS week, University of Nsukka


What words of advice will you give to the next National President of the NAVMS?

My advice to the next national president of NVMS will be to work with devoted executives and never allow people with selfish monetary interests come close. He/she should also look for another means of revenue generation because the association needs a steady flow of income.

Finally, he/she should not work to impress or break any previous record set because it could be very hard. Every man has his own area of interests and strengths. He/she should concentrate more on what he/she can do very well and is good at.


We both know how demanding Veterinary Medicine as a course is, how have you been able to balance this role with your academics?

Hmmn… I’m grateful to God for His grace and mercy toward me, because it’s not been easy. I have experienced both the good and bitter parts of life because of my involvement in students’ unionism. But I am grateful to God that I am progressing in my studies.


Two things you’ve learnt in planning an event of this magnitude?

One is, as a leader you need to know what you want and at the same time set out plan modalities to make it a reality.

Two, is that a leader must have self-confidence to face any obstacle he/she may find along the path to greatness.



In all my years as a vet student, I never witnessed a veterinary students’ convention of this magnitude. So, as I commend these present National Executives for a well-planned convention, I also want to wish all Nigerian veterinary students a successful event. I also will encourage you- the veterinarian, the vet student, the dog lover, the animal fancier to attend.

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  • oreva
    June 15, 2017


  • Attah Samson Agbese,
    June 16, 2017

    This highly commendable Mr President I have never attended any of the convention,but due to your laudable achievements and strategic planning I very optimistic that this one will not pass me- by well done Sir.

    • DrGbaks
      June 16, 2017

      I agree with you Attah Samson Agbese. It is indeed highly commendable. Thank you for commenting.

    • Emeribe obinna
      June 17, 2017

      Thank you sir, I think it’s time to get it right through the students arm. We have decided among ourselves all over Nigeria to sell our noble profession to our targeted audience. This we aimed to achieved via massive social networking and medias for public hearing.
      Hoping to seeing you soon sir.

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