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The Art of Pet Photography: How to take that Perfect Pet Picture – with Jideajayipetphotgraphy!

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A lot of us are familiar with the frustrations attached with taking that perfect pet picture. Whether it is trying to get the cat to look this way or trying to catch the dog in motion and still get a great shot, it is hard work!


Having experienced this numerous times as well, I thought to ask Nigeria’s foremost pet photographer, Babajide Ajayi of Jideajayipetphotography, to kindly share some tips with us on how to take the perfect pet pictures. Thankfully, he obliged!

Here is what he had to say:

For Dogs and Cats



For pet owners, there must be a bond between them and their pets, so they should know best when their pets are comfortable. I was fortunate enough to have undergone a basic canine handling course which helped me to understand some behaviours dogs exhibit.

Proper and Well grooming


{This goes without saying, I mean nobody likes to see a badly groomed dog- DrGbaks’ Note}

Have an idea of the type of picture you intend to take beforehand


Knowing what type of pictures you want to take of a particular dog before you take it helps because pets aren’t so patient, except the dog has been trained to stay.




This is very important. Knowing the dog won’t cause you any harm before taking pictures of a dog belonging to someone else is key.




Giving your pets treats work well too but NOT FOR ALL PETs.




Being patient with dogs or cats can never be overemphasized. You must be patient when taking pictures of pets. Cats especially require a lot of patience.



Thank you Ajayi Babjide for so graciously sharing these tips with us. We wish you further success in your career.

Have you had any success in photographing your pet(s)? Have any tips that work? I’ll be looking forward to hearing about them in the comment section below.




Ajayi Babajide Olusegun is a Nigerian archichect, pet photographer and blogger. His love for dogs led to his foray into the world of pet photography.  He blogs at babajideandpaws.blogspot.com.ng .  He is based in Lagos, Nigeria and his incredible pet photos can be see on Instagram @jideajayipetphotography ; @ajaajidekennel showcases his personal dogs and you can learn more about him on his personal handle @ajayibabajide .

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