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Vet Professional: Meet Dr. Mayowa, the Vet in Vom

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I’m thankful for conferences! Conferences present an amazing opportunity for networking. It was at such a place that I met Dr. Olumayowa Olabode- a young vet working at the foremost veterinary research institute in Nigeria (NVRI). He tells us more about his work in this interview.





Why Vet Medicine?    


Reuniting at another conference- NVMA congress 2015 (the Garden City)


It’s a very unique profession. I have always had passion for animals by choosing this profession I get to help take care of those who can’t take care of themselves because I want to be part of a people that want to alleviate the suffering of animals and also protecting the general populace by ensuring that the health and wellbeing of animals are protected so that some diseases which are communicable between man and animals are prevented.


What is the NVRI? What do they do?

NVRI is the National Veterinary Research Institute – a foremost research institute established in 1924. The NVRI is hosted by a community in Jos called Vom. The institute conducts research into all aspects of animal diseases, their treatment and control. Also, it develops and produces animal vaccines, sera and biologicals to meet the nation’s demand. It provides surveillance and diagnoses of animal diseases. It also is in charge of introducing exotic stock for improving egg, meat and milk production.


What is a typical day at work like?

Stressful and awesome.


What is the most amazing part of your job?

The amazing part of the job is interacting with animals whose mode of communication is quite different from ours, yet we just have to figure out what they are trying to pass across.


Imaginative life after Vet school Vs. Realistic life after Vet school, any difference?

Yeah much difference when I was still in vet school I taught once I finish I just get a very nice job and things will be quite easy but after vet school it’s not as easy as that. So you must work very hard.


Any mentors in your industry? Who and why?

Prof Mrs Lami Lombin made a great impact in the institute and vets in general.


What does your job entail?

Treating animals routine vaccinations and carrying out post-mortem examination.


What would you say in your own words are the socio-economic relevance of what you do to the society?

Human health is inextricably linked to animal health. We help prevent zoonotic diseases by researching into various diseases and providing solutions that can help lead a better life for both man and animals.


What qualities would you say a vet in your position needs the most to succeed?

Determination, consistency and the grace of God will help me to succeed.


Many veterinarians struggle to make a good living from their salaries, are you satisfied with yours?

Salary is good we are placed on the same level as our medical colleagues but certain structures are in place to help complement the salary.


What 3 words wouldn’t you ever use to describe yourself?

Lazy, proud and selfish


If you could choose another career, what would that be?

If am to choose another career I will choose veterinary medicine again because it’s a very unique and special profession.


One vet you think is changing the way people see veterinarians?

Prof Garba Sharabutu MNI


If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

Dog because they are very good companion animals. Sometimes they feel like human. They are so close that they can even know when you are bereaved.



Dr. Mayowa, many thanks for granting this interview.



Screenshot_2017-05-10-17-55-58-01Dr. Olumayowa Olabode is a veterinary graduate of the Federal University of Maidiguri, Borno State. When he isn’t working, he enjoys hanging out, swimming and seeing movies. He is active on social media:

Facebook: Mayowa Olabode

Instagram @drmayowa

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