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10 Things I Hated About Vet School {Part 2}

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For a few weeks now, I haven’t had time to write the second part of 10 Things I Hated About Vet School. Thankfully, that is about to change today, Yippee!

As stated in the previous post, this is a fun way I’m adopting to share my vet school experiences. As usual, I’m starting with a disclaimer: these are my experiences and realities; they do not necessarily reflect those of the typical vet student.

Now, let’s get into the business of the day.


6. Distance From the Hostel to the Faculty


I and a lot of my female classmates stayed in Queen Idia Hall, the second female undergraduate hostel in the University of Ibadan. In as much as I enjoyed the great facilities she offered, getting to class each morning was such a herculean task. The transport system was such that there was no direct links from the hostel to the vet faculty. It was frustrating many mornings as it was at least a 40 minutes walk.

I’m hoping that the school authorities and faculty leadership will consider building an exclusive vet hostel on the extensive faculty grounds. This makes logical sense as vet students already spend a huge chunk of their time in classes. Also, it will be in line with practices in other vet schools.


7. Oral Examinations


Oral exam popularly called Viva {short for Viva Voce} is a practice in vet school where an external examiner {from another university} would pose questions to the students in spoken form to ascertain whether he/she has sufficient knowledge of a given course/subject.

One reason I disliked vivas was because one never knew what angle the examiner could come from. Sometimes, you could be quite grounded in a course and the examiner asks you a question from your weakest link/area. So, vivas were usually preceded by lots and lots of prayers for favour!

One particular examination that stays with me was my 600level Public Health Viva. Usually, we go into the exams in groups of 4s or 5s. As soon as we were seated, to our dismay, the external examiner started asking us questions from 400level. Believe you me, we were thrown off course! I didn’t leave that viva with a good feeling.


8. Resits


Having to retake an exam is never easy. It feels like a dent is left on your academic records and a stain left on your shirt. When others are looking forward to the next academic session you are being drawn back to the previous one. It can leave you feeling embarrassed and if not careful, can affect one’s self esteem. Mind you, a resit can happen for different reasons- from arriving late to the exams, missing it to simply failing the paper.  I recall the first time I had a resit, I was so disappointed in myself but with the help of friends, family, God and changing certain habits, I rewrote and passed it. {Victor and Wole, thanks for helping out during those hard times, I appreciate you both!}

I will share my resit experience because this might help somebody out there. I had 4 resits in total. Two in 200level- this was because I personally found it hard to adjust to the all-too-new 8-5 classes; the last two in 500level- this time because I had become overconfident since I had passed the most difficult year in vet school-400level- while being concurrently extra busy in fellowship. I know these reasons because after each resit, I sat down and assessed why and how I got to that point and made necessary adjustments in the next academic session. These adjustments included sitting right in front in class, I found that this helped me a lot personally; also, not taking any course for granted.

Let me say this here: If you are a vet student having resits, don’t lose heart; surround yourself with supporting friends {classmates that are doing well and willing to teach}, pray to God for help and re-examine why you had the resit in the first place and learn from your mistakes { change habits if need be}. Most importantly, don’t give up on your dreams to succeed, remind yourself that others have gone before you and graduated. In other words, you will be fine!


9. Pathology Slides


Pathology easily ranks high on my list of Least-Favourite-Courses-Of-All-Time! I do not like Pathology. I think the slides are the most difficult things ever to decipher and quite honestly they almost all looked the same to me! Enough said.


10. Bad toilets


In my day, we had a dearth of good toilets at our faculty (and most of the university, to be honest). No proper water system, dirty and few toilets, it was bad. What made it worse in my opinion was that the good toilets were mostly under lock and key. Imagine, if one had urgent need of the toilets, one had to look for a cleaner/janitor who would cautiously give you the key with repeated warnings to kindly clean up afterwards. Embarrassing! Hopefully, the situation is different now.


So, there it is! Can you relate with my points above?  You probably have one or two things you detested about your vet school experience, care to share with me in the comments below?  

I will be writing on 10 Things I loved About Vet School next. Till then, enjoy your week.

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  • Dr Dideolu OSUNKOYA
    June 21, 2017

    Nice write-ups Doc…For me the Short-guns were the challenging, but I later found them helpful.

    • DrGbaks
      June 22, 2017

      Thank you Dr. Dideolu. I can see how later on they can be useful as they ensure we are always prepared.
      Thanks for commenting.

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