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Dog Chronicles: Dealing With Cancer!

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Where do I start with Max? Sometimes last year, I was introduced to a very aggressive boerboel called Max. He had a small growth on his left hindlimb that his human was uncomfortable with. The growth was surgically removed. The surgery was successful and Max stayed with us for a couple more weeks for post operative care.
Max was recovering beautifully (or so we thought) and eating voraciously.
We assured his human that he would be ready to go home in a couple of days. Alas! it was not to be.


Max and I


One afternoon, as I was checking the surgery site, I ran my hands over his body and to my utmost amazement I discovered several lumps of varying sizes all across his body-from his dorsum (back) to his head. I was alarmed!
Quickly, I informed my boss who in turn informed Max’s human and with his permission we immediately initiated chemotherapy. You see, the growth was actually a form of malignant cancer and we could only hope and pray that Max will survive.
Max’s human is one of the best clients I have had the pleasure of working with. His love for Max is unparallelled and commendable. He kept pleading with us to try our best because Max meant so much to him. We reasurred him while letting him know Max’s prognosis was guarded.



What surprised me the most I must say was Max’s appetite. I honestly believe his voracious appetite went a long way in his healing process. My Goodness! Max could eat for Africa! I have honestly never seen any dog eat as much as Max does.
Days turned into weeks; weeks into months and “the ‘Lion’ became a ‘goat’ “. That was the slang we coined for an aggressive dog that became docile after staying with us for a while. Finally, Max was ready to go home. The day I called Max’s human to tell  him that Max could be discharged was one of my most rewarding days in veterinary practice.


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