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New Month, New Name!

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Happy July Everyone!

Welcome to this second half of this year. June was such a busy month for me personally. I couldn’t post as often as I wanted to. Apologies about that.  Hopefully, I won’t be swamped this month.


I love this sculptor of an Elephant and tortoise made from sand.


As July begins, I’m so grateful for a lot of things. One such thing is that we’ve upgraded. The blog now has a new domain name. Finally. Yayyy!!!



I’m so elated!

The old url- www.drgbaksthevet.wordpress.com still works but the plan is to gradually migrate to ‘our permanent site’. The site is still a work in progress and with God’s help we will get better and better. So, please use the new url, it’s easier and faster to type, isn’t it?

Thanks again for sharing my posts, liking and commenting. I value every single visitor and reader.

Keep Sharing!

Keep Liking!

Keep Commenting!

My prayer for you is that this second half of the year will be better than the first.



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