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Sometime in 2016, as I was going through more-than-a-thousand pictures of dogs I have treated over the course of my short career as a veterinarian, it occurred to me to share the stories behind some of the pictures. That was how Dog Chronicles was created.

I was pleasantly surprised by the positive responses the series got. People wanted to read more of the stories, so while running around preparing for my wedding, I continued to write.

I recall getting numerous calls from different family friends after they had read the Dog Chronicles asking what being a veterinarian in Nigeria entailed and if the profession had good prospects. I realized then that there were many misconceptions about the course and not enough knowledge out there to enlighten the average Nigerian youth about the vet profession.

Also, as a young veterinarian in Nigeria, I had witnessed first hand the inferior way most vets are usually treated either by people who see us simply as “animal doctors” or by the client who wonders why his dog treatment should cost so much. I had also observed on more than one occasion, the Nigerian vet that did not have a high sense of regard for his person and his profession thus selling himself short and delivering results below expectation.

As a result of all these, I determined that I would do my bit in helping to change the Nigerian and consequently African veterinary medical narrative. I just never knew how yet…

So when I began contemplating starting a blog, I thought this would be a good way to contribute my little quota in changing the dilemma of being a vet in Nigeria.

This is basically what this blog is about: Changing the Nigerian and consequently African veterinary medical narrative by curating local veterinary-related content with an international appeal.

One of my favourite quotes aptly summarises the essence of this blog:

Travellers, there is no path, paths are made by walking

-Antonio Machado

Hopefully, my write-ups become footsteps that create a path in the untangled maze that is the Nigerian Veterinary Profession.

  • I write about my vet school experiences here so pre-vet students can have an idea what it is like while I continue to write more Dog Chronicles.
  • I also interview different veterinarians  in various sectors of the economy so people can see that being a vet is much more than “treating dogs” and you can read the interviews under The Vet life.
  • Furthermore, I profile different dog owners, lovers, breeders, events and animal enthusiasts and the canines they love, this you would see at Cynophiles’ Corner

So, this is more than a dog blog. This is a veterinary-related blog: everything vet is promoted here. If you are a dog lover, owner, breeder, cat lover, owner, animal lover, a pre-vet student, in vet school, a veterinarian, you should find something to suit you on this blog.

Feel free to look around, like and share posts, drop comments or suggestions and subscribe.

I hope you find what you seek and even more.

If you would like to contact  me click here I promise to reply your messages.

And if you are interested in knowing the person behind the name, DrGbaks, you can read about me on the Who is DrGbaks? page.

Thank You again for stopping by.

Gloria Bakare-Adesina, D.V.M